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All these suppliers allow you to try their software before you buy

Portland Group Fortran
Portland Group are currently the only organization which makes compilers that take advantage of the massive computational ability of NVIDA graphics chips. Detailed information is available from their website. Portland Group produces high performance optimizing compilers [Fortran, C, and C++] for multicore 64 bit and 32 bit based workstations, servers, and clusters using Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. The compilers feature fast excution of compiled code, fast compilation, graphical patrallel MPI/OpenMP debugger and profiler, unified binaries that provide optimal results for both Intel and AMD cpus, and HPF support. The Fortran compiler package is US$847 (academic US$352) for a single computer. There is also a 32 bit/64 bit PGI Visual Fortran package US$653 (academic US$407) which is bunded with a dedicated version of Visual Studio 2008. PGI maked available very low cost bulk licences for those that need a Fortran compiler for student use.

TECPLOT    There are four Tecplot products; Tecplot Focus, Tecplot 360 EX, Tecplot Chorus DE and Tecplot RS. Tecplot Focus is data plotting visualization software targeted to engineering analysis.    The considerably enhanced Tecplot 360 ex is principally for intensive fluid dynamics visualization requirements.   It is compatitive with Ensight and Fieldview in its ability to handle large data sets and animation.   Tecplot Chorus is the high end Tecplot product. It can do simultaneous comparison of a large number of Tecplot plots. Tecplot RS is Tecplot customized for reservoir simulation. Academic Tecplot licenses give access to all four Tecplot products. For details on all Tecplot products visit the Tecplot website. Our prices are just the US list prices converted to A$ using the ANZ Bank sell rate given here.

PRO Fortran 2014 is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. The Pro Fortran 2014 package automates the building of fast parallel code on AMD and Intel multicore systems and includes AVX,APO,IPO,PGFDO optimizers as well as Absoft's Dynamic AP Load balancing technology. Pro Fortran 2012 includes OpenMP support, SMP Graphical Analyzer, Absoft Windows Environment, F2003/2008 extensions, Fx3 graphical debugger, HPC Scientific Engineering math library, 2D/3D graphics and the GINO Lite GUI builder. There is provision for NVidia CUDA support and the HMPP preprocessor.

INTEL Software
For current pricing and detailed information on Intel software go to our Intel page. It is important to note with the exception of concurrent licences that Intel software is licenced to a specific person - not to a specific machine.   Only the licencee is allowed to use the software on a given machine.     In June Intel released version 11.1 of their Fortran and C++ compilers for Windows, Linux and OSX (Intel cpus only).

Harmonic Software has recently released Jacket. This uses the CUDA technology from NVIDA to utilize commodity video cards to dramatically increase the speed of many Matlab applications. Jacket is US$1881 (academic US$495).
O-Matrix is is a high-performance, matrix oriented language and integrated environment for analyzing data, creating simulations, and visualizing results. O-Matrix is low cost alternative to MATLAB. For more details see our O-Matrix advantages page. A general overview of O-Matrix is available at Overview . You can test O-Matrix before purchase. O-Matrix is US$270 (academic US$159). Optional Add-ons which provide capabilities for Time Series Analysis and Signal Processing are US$154 (call for academic). The optional 'O-Matrix Development Kit' is US$462 . It allows applications developed with O-Matrix to be freely distributed to others. Two way communication between O-MATRIX and Tecplot is straightforward.

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Updated 13 August 2014